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Wellness Spectrum Chart Along with failing health statistics, Americans now have additional freightening financial concerns for the upcoming years ahead. If you are in the senior services business, will you have buyers? If you are a regular citizen, will you be able to afford the healthcare you will need in your later years?

The purpose of the Vital Life Community Concept is to reverse the alarming trend of health and wellness declines in America. The principles of Vital Life may be applied within our own lives to take proactive health measures for better holistic wellness, and communities at large may also employ the Vital Life philosophy for resident vital living.


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Sadly and with great certainty I will tell you that we have just seen the beginning of the failure of our national financial structure, and then the ripple effect affecting our states, cities, small towns, universities, corporations, planned communities, retirement communities, and most sadly, assisted living facilities and nursing homes across America; this includes CCRC's.

These are the grim facts, but I am here to tell you, that for those willing to make a crucial, culture change, they not only will be able to maintain their mission and sustain, but to actually SUCCEED, while helping to save our nation! This webcast, "Dealing with the New Deal", will show you how to navigate through the difficult times ahead.